Photo of Sandia staff
Solving the world's most challenging technical problems requires the support of business and operations professionals.

Sandia is rich in opportunities for business support and operations professionals to use their education and experience to build flexible solutions in a dynamic research-and-development environment. Our support and operations personnel partner with internationally recognized scientists and engineers to solve the most difficult problems that threaten the peace and freedom of our nation and the globe.

The variety of work at Sandia lets business support and operations professionals enjoy multiple career paths that contribute to national security, whether in financial analysis, information technology, human resources, project management, business development, or administration and management. For example, IT staff members design, install, and support all of the leading-edge technical infrastructures that help run Sandia's vast daily operations. Health and safety professionals ensure that Sandia employees are safe, secure, and environmentally responsible. Our HR professionals recruit the best and the brightest, oversee Sandia's flexible benefits packages, and offer training and development so that Sandians can continually add to their skills. And our facilities personnel design new buildings to meet future needs, while keeping our current laboratories in perfect order.

Key areas for business support and operations professionals at Sandia

  • Accounting, financial analysis, payroll, and auditing
  • Archive and records information management
  • Environment, safety, and health
  • Human resources, benefits, training, and staffing
  • Information technology architecture, network engineering, and desktop support
  • Office administration and management
  • Project management and business development
  • Procurement and supply chain management