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Sandia provides technical leadership in threat-informed cybersecurity solutions that are required for the nation's most critical systems.

Protecting the cyber realm has become a critical part of national security. Our government, military, and economic systems all depend on a secure electronic information infrastructure.

Sandia is developing new technologies to counter cyber threats. We focus on securing hardware, software, and systems; analyzing networks and systems architectures; and creating effective cyber defense systems. We work across the technology spectrum, including embedded, mobile, desktop, and enterprise systems, as well as globally connected networks of networks.

Cybersecurity professionals at Sandia are integral members of special multidisciplinary teams committed to solving the information-security challenges facing our nation. Cybersecurity staff members work on complex analysis problems to bring situational awareness to cyberspace. They have access to Sandia's in-house microelectronics foundry to design and prototype trusted hardware. They also have opportunities to collaborate with industry to assess cyber risks to critical infrastructure facilities. In addition, Sandia provides cybersecurity professionals with the freedom to explore original ideas so that they can keep pace with rapid technology changes and increasingly sophisticated cyber threats.

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Key areas for cybersecurity professionals at Sandia

  • Red teaming and vulnerability assessments
  • Threat analysis and forensics
  • Cryptography
  • Control system security
  • Information assurance
  • Reverse engineering and anti-tamper technologies
  • Trusted hardware and software development
  • Trusted systems engineering
  • Informatics and decision sciences

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