Global Security

  • Reducing cyber threats

    Tools and techniques to improve cyber defense and protect networks and data

  • Reducing global chemical and biological dangers

    Technologies for rapid detection and characterization of chemical and biological threats

  • Reducing global nuclear dangers

    Unique technical and policy solutions to reduce global nuclear and radiological dangers

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Cyber and Infrastructure Security

Advanced analyses and technologies for securing the infrastructures that we rely on

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Global Threat Reduction

Global technical engagement to help prevent the misuse of nuclear, chemical, biological and radiological materials.

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Homeland Defense & Force Protection

Technologies and systems for countering emerging threats and for protecting U.S. nuclear weapons and materials in all places at all times

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Homeland Security

Research, analyses, and engineered solutions for reducing risk and keeping our homeland safe

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Global Security Remote Sensing & Verification

Detection technologies and systems to reduce the threat of nuclear proliferation

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Asset Security & WMD Response

Technology development, support and training to protect national assets and respond to weapons of mass destruction and radiological/nuclear events

Sandia’s programs in Global Security range from nonproliferation and global threat reduction to homeland defense and critical asset protection. We conduct research and develop technologies for risk and threat analysis, for nuclear materials monitoring and detection, and for incident response and recovery.

We work with many domestic and international partners, applying our capabilities to reduce risks that affect complex and dynamic interdependent systems.

Our work includes projects for protecting critical U.S. government assets and installations, facilitating nonproliferation and arms control activities, safeguarding nuclear weapons and nuclear materials, reducing the risk of terrorist acts, and responding to catastrophic events and emergencies.

Our mission is to use science and technology, innovative research, and global engagement to counter threats, reduce dangers, and respond to disasters.

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