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NICE Workshop


2015 Neuro-Inspired Computational Elements Workshop:


Approaches to Advancing Neural Computing, Jacob Vogelstein
At which level do we want to be neuro-inspired?, Konrad Kording
Biologically-inspired unsupervised learning of higher order visual features, Marwan Jabri
Can Memristors Learn?, Fred Rothganger
Characterizing Activity Dynamics of Neural Populations: Theoretical and Statistical Perspectives, Lars Buesing
Connectomics: from retina to cortex, Sebastian Seung
Deep, Sparse Representations of Form Depth and Motion, Garrett Kenyon
High-throughput experimental and computational characterization of cortical circuit components, Nathan Gouwens
How can we know if the brain is doing a good job?, Xaq Pitkow
Measuring and manipulating neural computation, Jeremy Freeman
Moving Towards Large, Power-Efficient Neuromorphic Systems, Jennifer Hasler
Multi-modal, Wearable Personal Assistants, Roman Ormandy
Neural circuits for learning internal models of the environment, Tai Sing Lee
Neural Computing, Dan Hammerstrom
NeuroMem, the available neuromorphic technology, which is to the Brain what the "airplane is to the bird",
Guy Paillet
Neuromorphic Computing for Scientific Discovery, Robinson Pino
Neuromorphic Computing in the Cloud - Implications of Hyperscale Datacenter Trends, Kevin Gomez
Neuromorphic Computing on Memristor Cross-Bar Arrays, Tarek Taha
Quantifying the Utility of Artificial Neural Circuitry, Paul Rhodes
Reverse Engineering the Neocortex: Implications for Machine Learning and Machine Intelligence, Jeff Hawkins
Seeing with Spikes: From Motion Detection to Object Recognition, Ralph Etienne-Cummings
The Atoms of Neural Computation, Gary Marcus
The Neuromorphic Computing Leveraging Emerging Devices, Helen Li
Toward Cohomological Neurodynamics, Igor Ovchinnikov

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