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NICE Workshop

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2013 Videos from Workshop - Neuro-Inspired Computational Elements Workshop:

Videos from Workshop

Day1: Session 1
SAND Number: 2013-4105 P
Julia Phillips Sandia Research at Sandia
Mike Vahle Sandia Neuro-inspired Computing, Why Now?
Rob Leland Sandia Computing, Neurons and National Security
Jim Olds George Mason University The Great Stagnation Getting to the Next "Industrial Revolution"
Murat Okandan Sandia Neuro-inspired Computation: Beyond Stored Program Architecture and Moore's Law Limits - Workshop Goals

Day1: Session 2
SAND Number: 2013-4106 P
Rod Rinkus Neurithmic Systems Constant-Time Probabilistic Learning & Inference in Hierarchical Sparse Distributed Representations
Matthew Pickett HP Converging to Cognitive Systems

Day1: Session 3
SAND Number: 2013-4107 P
Lloyd Watts Audience, Inc. Computing Architectures based on the Human Auditory Pathway
Christof Koch Allen Institute for Brain Science Project Mindscope

Day1: Session 4
SAND Number: 2013-3975 P
Murat Okandan Sandia Neuro-inspired Computation: Beyond Stored Program Architecture and Moore's Law Limits

Day2: Session 1
SAND Number: 2013-4108 P
Gil Herrera Sandia Micro and Nano Fabrication at Sandia and Selected Technology Examples
Karlheinz Meier Heidelberg University How to simulate what we don't understand

Day2: Session 2
SAND Number: 2013-4053 P
Brad Aimone Sandia Neuroscience to applications
Tarek Taha University of Dayton Memory Integrated Neural Network Accelerators
Sergio Davies University of Manchester SpiiNNaker: a spiikiing neurall network archiitecture

Day2: Session 3
SAND Number: 2013-3541 P
Narayan Srinivasa HRL Systems of Neuromorphic Adaptive Plastic Scalable Electronics (SyNAPSE)
Mikko Lipasti University of Wisconsin Cortically Inspired Computing
Paul Rhodes Evolved Machines Synthetic Highly Neural Circuits

Day2: Session 4
SAND Number: 2013-3843 P
Kurt Larson Sandia Possible Sandia Applications of Uninvented Probabilistic and/or Massively-Interconnected Computers
Bruce McCormick Cognimem Massively Parallel Cognitive Memory Processor

Day3: Session 1
SAND Number: 2013-3542 P
Corinne Teeter Allen Institute for Brain Science Can Ion Channels Overcome the Biophysical Constraints of Morphology?
Philip Meier Brain Corporation Taming Inhibition in a spiking model of motion processing
Jim Olds George Mason University Thoughts on Path Forward

Day3: Session 2
SAND Number: 2013-3543 P
John George LANL Neuromimetic Computing Systems for Visiual Object Detection and SpatioTemporal Inference: Toward Spike-based Computation

Day3: Session 3
SAND Number: 2013-3544 P
Jennifer Hasler Georgia Tech Programmable and Configurable, Neurmorphically Inspired, Ultra-Low Power Computation
Patrick Mickel Sandia Identifying and Measuring the State Variable in TaOx Memristors

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