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NICE Workshop


2014 Videos from Workshop - Neuro-Inspired Computational Elements Workshop:

Videos from Workshop


Time: 8:00 AM Duration: 0:20
Welcome - Murat Okandan
Opening remarks - Julia Phillips
Time: 8:00 AM Duration: 0:40
Operation and Tools - Karlheinz Meier
Time: 8:00 AM Duration: 0:7
Hardware and Systems - Murat Okandan
Time: 8:00 AM Duration: 0:13
Architectures and Cognition Systems - Benchmarks and Applications - Jeff Kirchmar
Time: 10:00 AM Duration: 0:27
From Cortical Microcircuits to Machine Intelligence - Jeff Hawkins
Time: 10:00 AM Duration: 0:27
Brain-Related Computing beyond Moore's Law - Thomas Sterling
Time: 10:00 AM Duration: 0:21
Why Neuromorphic Computing is Difficult and Different - Todd Hylton
Time: 1:00 PM Duration: 0:21
Deep Visual and Auditory Fusion: Neural Evidence and Computational Models - Ajay Divakaran
Time: 1:00 PM Duration: 0:29
GPGPU Accelerated Simulation and Parameter Tuning for Neuromorphic Applications -
Jeff Krichmar
Time: 1:00 PM Duration: 0:22
Small Animal Behavior Study and it's Implication to Neuromorphic Computing - Eric Ryu
Time: 3:00 PM Duration: 0:38
Open Worm: Aggregating Biological Simulations in an Open Science Project - Stephen Larson
Time: 3:00 PM Duration: 0:23
Scalable Power-Efficient Multi-Target Tracking using Hybrid Analog Computations -
Itmar Arel and Jeremy Holleman
Time: 3:00 PM Duration: 1:11
End of day 1 panel discussion


Time: 8:00 AM Duration: 0:34
Object Recognition via Conventional Networks and Coupled Oscillator Arrays -
George Bourianoff
Time: 8:00 AM Duration: 0:45
Map-Seeking Circuit (MSC): A Computational Mechanism for Object Recognition under Transformation with Digital and Analog Implementations - David Arathorn
Time: 8:00 AM Duration: 0:31
Neuromorphic Circuits: Nonlinearity and Neuristors - Stan Williams
Time: 10:00 AM Duration: 0:40
What brain architectures do and how they do it: Derivation of brain engineering principles -
Rick Granger
Time: 10:00 AM Duration: 0:27
From Analog to Digital and Back - George Dyson
Time: 10:00 AM Duration: 0:23
Qualcomm Zeroth: Brain-Inspired Computing - Anthony Lewis
Time: 1:00 PM Duration: 0:36
Non-Numeric, Time Based Computation - Jose C. Principe
Time: 1:00 PM Duration: 0:29
Towards Intelligent Computing with Neuromemristive Circuits and Systems -
Dhireesha Kudithpudi
Time: 1:00 PM Duration: 0:14
Neuro Inspired Computing in Flash - Kevin Gomez
Time: 3:00 PM Duration: 0:24
New Paradigms, Generality, and Completeness - Lloyd Watts
Time: 3:00 PM Duration: 0:35
Neuromimetic Systems for Low-Power in situ Computing - John George
Time: 3:00 PM Duration: 1:11
End of day 2 panel discussion


Time: 8:00 AM Duration: 0:40
Physical Models of Neural Circuits in BrainScaleS and the Human Brain Project -
Karlheinz Meier
Time: 8:00 AM Duration: 0:38
Building Blocks for Learning and Inference in Neuromorphic Systems - Michael Pfeiffer
Time: 8:00 AM Duration: 0:21
Neuro-inspired Computational Engines: Beyond von Neuman/Turing Architecture and Moore's Law Limits - Murat Okandan
Time: 10:00 AM Duration: 0:8
Unified Modeling Framework - Fred Rothganger
Time: 10:00 AM Duration: 0:38
Photonic Spike Processing - Alex Tait and Mitchell Nahmias
Time: 10:00 AM Duration: 0:28
Making Smarter Memristor-based Neurons - Erik DeBenetictis
Time: 10:00 AM Duration: 0:26
Methods for Scaling Neural Computation - Travis DeWolf

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