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NICE Workshop


2015 Videos from Workshop - Neuro-Inspired Computational Elements Workshop:

Videos from Workshop


Duration: 0:05
Murat Okandan: Welcome and Logistics
Duration: 0:14
Bruce Hendrickson: A Time to be NICE
Duration: 0:12
Dan Hammerstrom: Neurocomputing - One Perspective
Duration: 0:10
Jacob Vogelstein: Approaches to Advancing Neural Computing
Duration: 0:10
Karlheinz Meier: Mixed-signal accelerated Systems - Recent Progress and Results
Duration: 0:33
NICE 2015 - Programmatic Panel
Duration: 0:09
Brad Aimone: Adaptive Neural Algorithms: the What, Why, and How
Duration: 0:55
Sebastian Seung: Connectomics: from retina to cortex
Duration: 0:44
Gary Marcus: The Atoms of Neural Computation
Duration: 0:21
Xaq Pitkow: How can we know if the brain is doing a good job?
Duration: 0:49
Jeff Hawkins: Reverse Engineering the Neocortex: Implications for Machine Learning and Machine Intelligence
Duration: 0:40
Alan Yuille: Complexity and Compositionality
Duration: 0:32
Konrad Kording: At which level do we want to be neuro-inspired?
Duration: 0:59
Round Table Discussion Day 1


Duration: 0:09
Robinson Pino: Neuromorphic Computing for Scientific Discovery
Duration: 0:20
Ken Whang: Neuro-Inspired Computing at NSF
Duration: 0:23
Kristofor Carlson: Large-Scale, Biologically Detailed Neuromorphic Networks: Taming the Beast
Duration: 0:31
Dhireesha Kudithipudi:Traversing the Application Landscape of Neuromemristive Computing
Duration: 0:26
Jennifer Hasler: Moving Towards Large, Power-Efficient Neuromorphic Systems
Duration: 0:33
Winfried Wilcke: The IBM Cortical Learning Center Project
Duration: 0:47
Steve Furber: The SpiNNaker Project
Duration: 0:36
Ralph Etienne-Cummings: Seeing with Spikes: From Motion Detection to Object Recognition
Duration: 0:21
Murat Okandan: Neuro-inspired Computational Engines: Beyond von Neumann/Turing Architecture and Moore's Law Limits
Duration: 0:34
Lloyd Watts: Event-Driven Simulation of Spiking Neural Networks
Duration: 0:21
Robert Thibadeau: Action Perception
Duration: 0:24
Nathan Gouwens: High-throughput experimental and computational characterization of cortical circuit components
Duration: 0:23
Paul Franzon: Hardware Acceleration of Sparse Cognitive Algorithms
Duration: 0:37
Jeremy Freeman: Measuring and manipulating neural computation
Duration: 0:27
Sek Chai: Computational Noise Resiliency in Deep Learning Architectures
Duration: 0:29
Paul Rhodes: Quantifying the Utility of Artificial Neural Circuitry
Duration: 0:40
Karlheintz Meier: Mixed-signal accelerated Systems - Recent Progress and Results
Duration: 1:00
Round Table Discussion Day 2


Duration: 0:23
Tarek Taha: Neuromorphic Computing on Memristor Cross-Bar Arrays
Duration: 0:16
Frederick Rothganger: Can Memristors Learn?
Duration: 0:31
Marwan Jabri: Biologically-Inspired Unsupervised Learning of Higher Order Visual Features
Duration: 0:17
Catherine Schuman & Chris Daffron: A Programmable Array of Neuromorphic Elements
Duration: 0:36
Garrett Kenyon: Deep, Sparse Representations of Form Depth and Motion
Duration: 0:36
Igor Ovchinnikov: Toward Cohomological Neurodynamics
Duration: 0:24
Hai Helen Li: The Neuromorphic Computing Leveraging Emerging Devices
Duration: 0:20
Matt Marinella: Resistive Memory for Neuromorphic Algorithm Acceleration
Duration: 0:24
Roman Ormandy: Multi-modal, Wearable Personal and Team Assistants

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